Maximise farm yields with our high quality spawn

Verdant is a biotechnology enterprise set up to produce mycelium at different stages of development, mother cultures, mother spawn and spawn.

Grown by experts in a world class facility

At Verdant we believe in the the pursuit of excellence; to achieve that goal, our lab design and process flow are by Europe's leading spawn producer and knowledge expert

Using science to sustain the world

Verdant is committed to constant innovation for the betterment of our world; we are conscious of the impact of our actions and ensure that everything we do has a positive effect on our environment

Chemical Free

Clean, fresh and chemical free

No Discolorations

Uniform colour with no discolorations

Lab Grown

Lab grown with evenly colonized mycelium

Spawn Production

High Quality Mushroom Spawn

  • Verdant spawn consists of a grain based carrier, inoculated in aseptic and sterile conditions with a pure culture of a strain
  • We produce superior quality mushroom spawn in our world class facility
  • Verdant spawn produces a compact fleshy mushroom with a rounded cap
  • Stem length is relatively shorter to some other strains

Tested & Verified

  • Growers can be certain that the spawn they use is a pure, disease-free culture that can be easily distributed throughout a growing substrate
  • Our products are continuously tested and verified for viability by Verdant’s dedicated quality assurance team
  • Before production of the finished product, we inspect each batch of inoculum

Quality Assurance

  • Verdant customers can be assured that the spawn they buy have been put through the most comprehensive quality assurance systems in India, ensuring reliable and predictable performance
  • Our quality assurance programmes use the combined knowledge of our manufacturing, research, and technical service teams to ensure a complete systematically quality process

Maximize Farm Yield

  • Verdant spawn consists of a grain based carrier, inoculated in aseptic and sterile conditions with a pure culture of a strain
  • It produces medium to large mushrooms of good quality and high yield
  • Since inception, Verdant is committed to spawn innovation to provide consistent spawn to mushroom growers in India

About us

Integrity: We do what we say we will do, and have the courage to do what’s right. We interact with others honestly.

Respect: We place health and safety first. We protect the environment. We value each person’s time and contribution.

Success: We meet our goals with urgency & pace. We take smart risks & invest in the future. We celebrate wins and learn from failures.

Collaboration: We are aligned and act in concert, assembling the right team at the right time. We respect and value alternative points of view.

Curiosity: We constantly pursue knowledge, challenge assumptions, and seek a better understanding of our connections to the world.

Giving: We give our time, talents, and treasures to our communities. We coach, teach, mentor, and empower others.

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