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Frequently Asked Question!

Mushroom is an indoor crop. The temperature at the time of fruiting is to be kept from 14-18 C and humidity at 85%.
Mushrooms are grown on compost prepared by mixing wheat/paddy straw, chicken manure, wheat bran, urea, gypsum. The spawn is prepared on wheat grains.
Mushroom being an indoor crop, it requires controlled conditions of temperature and humidity (temperature in the range of 14-18 C and humidity of 85%.
Mushrooms have now become popular, therefore it has a good market potential. White button mushroom can be sold in fresh or canned form and products such as pickle and soup can be made from it. Oyster mushroom can be sold in dried form also.
NABARD, National Horticulture Board and Banks provide loans for establishment of mushroom units, spawn production units and compost making units.
White button mushroom, oyster mushroom, black ear mushroom, giant mushroom, milky mushroom, shiitake are some of the edible species of mushrooms which can be grown artificially. Morchella, which is collected from the high hills of HP, J&K and Uttaranchal, is also edible.